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Ordering 1. I’m not sure about the color, is there a way for me to see all the choices before ordering?

A: Yes, you can see our color chart before ordering your dress. Our color chart has our full range of color, so you can accurately pick the one you want.

2. I’m not sure about my size. Normally I’m a size 6, are your dresses true to size?

A: No matter how sure you are about your size, we still advise you to measure. Sizes vary across different clothing companies and it’s very common to be size 6 at one store and size 8 at another. We recommend custom sizes for all our customers so that your dress is tailored to fit you. If you are in standard size, take a look at our measurements for those sizes and compare them to your body.

3. I like the bodice of one dress and the skirt of another dress. Do I have to order both?

A: No,there is no need to order both. Please feel free to contact our customer service and tell her your requirements. You can combine your favorite parts from one dress and the other. For example: The straps from dress 1, the corset from dress 2, the skirt from dress 3 and so on.

4. I don’t like your sample pictures. Can I give you a product picture of what I want?

A: Yes, you can send us the picture or drawing of the dress you prefer. Just be sure not to copy any other designs, such as dresses made by other fashion houses.

5. Can I change the fabrics? For example, I don’t want sequined, can I have lace instead?

A: Of course. Our customers can change the fabrics according to their needs, and our stock photos are for reference. If you want beading instead of sequins, lace instead of mesh, please feel free to contact our customer service or write it clearly in the customization box.

Shipping 1. How long do my delivery take?

A: The delivery time is determined by tailored the dress time + shipping the dress time. The more complicated a dress is, the longer it takes to be made. Standard order takes about 20 to 25 days from start (when we receive your order) to finish (you receiving the order). Rush orders takes about 15 to 19.

2. wether I can get my dress in time?

A: Order early is your best safeguard and it will also leave you enough time for tailoring. When you choose your dress from our website, you should have a general idea when you’ll receive your order. However, you’re always welcome to contact customer service to check on the status of your order especially when you need the dress to be delivered by a specific date.

Issues 1. I received my dress, but some of the embellishments fell off.

A: I am very sorry for this situation. Our embellishments are hand-sewn. it is possible to fall off on the way of shipping. If you come across such situation, you can mend it by a local tailor. If the embellishments drop in large quantities, we will return you the mend fee.

2. I put in my measurements but the dress is a bit long.

A: I am sorry to make you confused. All our dresses are made with extra “room” for minor alterations. On long dresses, we leave spare room to factoring in high heels. Some customers want their heels to show, some don’t so we leave that option to you. If you want it shorter, a simple hemming would do.

3. My order looks different from the picture on your website.

A: Our stock pictures are prototypes of the designs that we have. It’s to show what the dress will generally look like and may not be exact. We advise you to read the item description which indicates the materials and embellishments that are used to better decide.

4. I chose a color from the ordering page but it arrived looking different.

A: The colours shown through our ordering page may not be true to life due to different monitor display, lighting, and even the cameras that took the stock photo. The same shade of colour can look lighter on your computer but darker on your phone.

Returns 1. Why don’t you take returns?

A: When an item is custom made, it’s normal for companies to not take returns. Think about it this way, you get a custom made birthday cake, complete with the color and flavour of your choice. It has the decorations you wanted and it says “Happy Birthday Sherley” which is your name. Would you be able to return it? It’s the same logic behind our policy.

2. If I don’t like the dress I got, will you refund it?

A: The problem is this: customers will order custom made dresses, wear it to their event, and attempt to return it for a full refund saying that they didn’t like the dress. We don’t allow this kind of practice which is why we don’t offer refunds. If you don’t like your dress for any particular reason, let us know and we’ll remake it for you. Bonus is you get to keep both.

3. If my dress arrives after my event over?

A: We can only take steps to prevent this from happening. When we receive your order, the next working day we will start making your dress, once the dress is completed and inspected for defects and flaw, it is shipped out to you. Standard time from start to finish is 20 to 25 days. You can also choose rush order which shortens the time to 15 to 19. Please plan accordingly before submitting your order. Otherwise, contact customer service and let us know your timeline and we can advise accordingly. Live Chat